We’re thrilled to share these exciting session details, organized by special technology and thought leadership tracks. Our Agenda by day will be published in August, but we encourage you to start planning your conference wishlist today.

* Sessions are subject to change.

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Preconference Workshops

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Preconference Workshops

Kick start your Xperience2024 by registering for these special add-on product workshops being held on Monday, September 23. Visit the registration site to save your preconference training seat!

**Already registered for Xperience? Email with which workshop(s) you’d like to add, and we’ll update your registration.**

Aptify Developer Training

Monday, September 23  |  9am-4pm

Duration: 6 hours (Includes lunch)


Overview: This course provides an overview of the Developer features of Aptify 7.0. The course is designed for individuals who will develop for an Aptify installation. This course builds on the material from the Aptify Administrator class, which is a prerequisite. The focus of the class is on learning to develop meta- data-based configurations using the Aptify Desktop Application. This course is intended for Developers, Database Administrators, System Administrators and System Programmers.

Key Highlights: Create and configure multiple inter-related entities and sub-types, Configure Process Flows to apply business logic and automate functionality, Generate and modify Form Templates

Expo Logic Hands-on Equipment Workshop

Monday, September 23  |  1pm-5pm

Duration: 3.5 hours (Lunch available prior)


Overview: In this hands-on workshop, you’ll get firsthand experience working with onsite registration equipment used for badge[on]demand, Express Pass, EventReg, TrackPod, Lead Retrieval, and more.

Key Highlights: Gain valuable experience setting up, using & troubleshooting equipment to be prepared to support your events more efficiently in the future.

Nimble Intelligence CRMA+ Dashboard Workshop
(1/2 day)

Monday, September 23  | 8:30am-12pm

Duration: 3.5 hours (Lunch available afterwards)


Overview: Unlock the full potential of data visualization and analytics with our training session on creating dashboards using CRM Analytics. In this hands-on workshop, participants will gain a deep understanding of the analytics tool’s capabilities, enabling them to transform raw data into insightful, visually compelling dashboards. Whether you’re a data analyst, business intelligence professional, or a decision-maker seeking actionable insights, this session is tailored to elevate your dashboard creation skills.

Key Highlights: Introduction to Nimble Intelligence & CRM Analytics, Data Preparation, Dashboard Design Principles, Data Exploration and Filtering, Integration with External Tools, Sharing and Collaboration, Practical Dashboard Building.

Nimble Intelligence Prediction Builder Workshop
(1/2 day)

Monday, September 23  | 1pm-4:30pm

Duration: 3.5 hours (Lunch available prior)


Overview: Join us on a journey into predictive analytics with our comprehensive training session on creating prediction models. This hands-on workshop is designed for admins, analysts, and decision-makers looking to harness the predictive power of their data. Through a series of practical exercises, participants will gain the skills to leverage the advanced capabilities of the predictive analytics tool and create accurate, actionable predictions. By the end of this training session, participants will have the knowledge and confidence to harness the predictive capabilities of Nimble Intelligence, empowering them to make data-driven decisions and unlock valuable insights from their data.

Key Highlights: Introduction to Predictive Analytics, Overview of Nimble Intelligence & Einstein Prediction Builder, Data Preparation for Predictive Modeling, Building Predictive Models, Evaluation Metrics and Model Performance, Interpreting Results, Optimizing and Iterating Models, Hands-On Prediction Building.

Nimble AMS Admin Workshop (1/2 Day)

Monday, September 23  | 8:30am-12pm

Duration: 3.5 hours (Lunch available after)


Overview: Join us for an immersive and comprehensive Nimble AMS Admin Training Session designed to empower administrators with the skills and knowledge needed to maximize the potential of Nimble AMS. Targeted for a newcomer to the Nimble or Salesforce system, this training will provide valuable insights and hands-on experience to enhance your proficiency. By the end of this training, participants will emerge with a deepened understanding of the Nimble AMS platform, enhanced administrative skills, and the confidence to navigate and optimize the system effectively.

Key Highlights: Nimble and Salesforce Relationship (what is different, what is the same, how they work together), System Overview, Understanding Basic Permissions and Profiles, Importing and Exporting Data, Admin Best Practices and Resources.

Nimble Create Workshop (1/2 Day)

Monday, September 23  | 1pm-4:30pm

Duration: 3.5 hours (Lunch available prior)


Overview: Elevate your communication strategy with our Nimble Create Training, designed to empower you with the skills needed to craft communications using Nimble Create. This hands-on workshop is intended for Admins and Superusers and will guide you through the basic process of designing templates critical to your everyday business operations.

Key Highlights: SQL Basics, Nimble Create Template Features Overview, Design Best Practices, Hands-On Template Creation, Q&A and Troubleshooting.

Crowd Wisdom

Dive into the Future: Unveiling Our Dynamic Integration with Nucleus Analytics Platform

Experience the power of data like never before. Witness firsthand the seamless fusion of Crowd Wisdom and Nucleus, opening the floodgates to a treasure trove of actionable insights. Don’t miss this groundbreaking cross-collaboration demo! (Intermediate)

Be the Voice of Innovation: An Exclusive 3-Hour Brainstorm for Product Influencers

Your passion fuels our innovation! Engage in an immersive, 3-hour drop-in journey where your insights shape the future of our product. Join fellow influencers to share your dreams and ideas. Your feedback isn’t just heard—it’s the compass guiding our product’s evolution. (Intermediate)


Mastering Data Retrieval and View Management in Aptify

Explore Aptify’s capabilities in data retrieval and view management, gaining valuable insights and skills for an enhanced user experience. Master the details in this enriching session and unlock the full potential of Aptify in getting the most out of your data! (Intermediate)

Elevate Your Integration Game: Unleashing Powerful API Strategies for e-Business Success

Unleash powerful API strategies to elevate your e-Business success. Discover the keys to seamlessly integrate and optimize your business processes. (Advanced)

e-Biz Evolution: Navigating Upgrades, Headless CMS, and the Future Tech Frontier

Explore the dynamic evolution of e-Business, covering smooth upgrades, insights into Headless CMS, and glimpses into future tech stacks. Learn to navigate these advancements and stay at the forefront of the ever-changing digital commerce landscape. (Intermediate)

Revamping Membership Processes: Unleashing the Power of Auto Renewal and other Automation

Discover the transformative potential of process automation, in areas such as membership auto-renewal, as we dive into strategic revamping techniques and explore innovative ways to enhance the membership experience and streamline processes for continuous engagement and growth. (Intermediate)

Spotlight on Aptify’s Azure Native Capabilities

Unlock the full potential of your business with Azure, Microsoft’s comprehensive cloud platform, designed to help you bring new solutions to life—to solve today’s challenges and create solutions for the future. We will explore a multitude of services which can meet the diverse needs of businesses, enabling seamless innovation and scalability in the cloud. We will also examine what is involved in migrating Aptify to an Azure cloud solution. We will review the possible scenarios, the tools available and how to run a migration project. (Intermediate)

Database Dynamo: Unleashing Performance Power through Cleanup Mastery

Unlock the secrets of database excellence in this dynamic session where we delve into the art of cleanup mastery. Discover how to optimize performance, streamline operations, and keep your database running at peak efficiency. (Intermediate)

Turbocharge Your Workflow: 10 Game-Changing Features for Daily Efficiency

Elevate your daily operations with our Turbocharge Your Workflow session, where we unveil 10 transformative features designed to boost your efficiency. Join us as we explore these game-changing tools that will redefine the way you approach your day-to-day tasks. (Intermediate)

Unlocking Aptify: Revealing Hidden Gem Features in our 7 Platform

Explore the best parts of the latest Aptify releases in this insightful session, where we explore features that can transform your experience. From streamlined workflows to enhanced functionalities, discover the newest gems of Aptify in our 7 platform and unlock a new level of proficiency. (Beginner)

Revolutionizing Connections: Unleashing the Power of Cross-Product Integrations in the Community Brands Suite

Explore seamless collaboration with our session on Community Brands cross-product integrations. Gain insights into optimizing workflows and fostering connectivity across our suite of products for enhanced efficiency. (Intermediate)

Wonderful World of Wizards

Step into the ‘Wonderful World of Wizards’ where we’ll unravel the magic behind Aptify’s top 12 useful wizards. Join us for an enchanting session that unveils the power of these tools, providing insights into how they can streamline processes and enhance your Aptify experience. (Beginner)

Innovation Awards

Join us for a celebration of innovation and excellence in our annual Innovation Awards session. Explore groundbreaking solutions, applaud the innovators, and be inspired by the transformative ideas that are shaping the future of our community. (Beginner)


77 Clicks to Zero…What NetForum Alternate Profiles Can Do for You

“I can’t find the member’s most recent contribution! Which tab has the topics the member is interested in? Where are the notes again? And is that on the organization or the individual profile? I don’t see that tab. Where did it go? The member didn’t have time to wait on me to find the information.”

If you have heard these questions and complaints from your users, or if you have had them yourself, then this session may be for you. Not every association is the same. And each department has its own responsibilities and demands. For some, speed is of the essence. In this session, we’ll explore how NetForum alternate profiles allowed one association to address the individual data needs of disparate teams from the organization profile page, making the teams more efficient and quicker to respond to the needs of its members. We’ll discover how the association combined information about the organization with details about the contacts into a single view, how data was organized and displayed based on what was most important to each team, how data can be updated, how new information can be inserted from the profile page.

In this session, you’ll learn how the developers used a baseline control called XslGenerator.ascx to create multiple data-centric “cards” using XML and XSL. We’ll give you examples of how SQL statements were built into the XML to retrieve the desired data set and how XSL was used to display that data in a formatted and templated manner. This enabled the creation of multiple controls on one form with different data points for a single profile form detail.

77. That is the number of clicks one alternate profile saved this association’s NetForum users. If that’s important to you, then this session is for you! (Advanced)

Level up your eWeb eXperience!

This session will review the opportunities associations have to level up their customer portal (eWeb) experience with NetForum. The session will feature a panel of NetForum customers and touch on different changes each association made to their eWeb to provide more value to their members. Enhancements will include: Redesigned account profile, Improved check-out experience, Site restyling, One-page registration, Alternative payment methods, and more! (Advanced)

Skill Up Your NetForum Queries

This session will provide NetForum power users with hands on experience building queries advanced features of the query tool in iWeb – no SQL experience required! Following this session, users will:

    • Have a basic understanding of NetForum’s data model and how List Table Joins impact query parameters and output columns
    • Be able to build and run queries with dynamic parameters, groupings, and aggregated columns
    • Gain a basic understanding of the concepts required to build subqueries
    • Be able to combine multiple queries to create an “Audience”
    • Be able to convert an existing query into a lightly formatted report using NetForum’s Dataset functionality

Securing NetForum eWeb: How to Beat the Hackers

Websites are constantly exploited by malicious actors for vulnerabilities. Hackers create bots
and use standard processes to harm others or degrade a system’s performance. Technology
is constantly changing, and security is getting more complex with machine learning, bots,
and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). How can you guard your organization’s data against these evolving security risks? NetForum’s Advanced Threat Detection and Fraud Prevention service uses an intelligent and specialized web monitoring tool to protect your AMS against fake accounts, scraping, account takeover, card cracking, and server overload BEFORE it even gets to your AMS. (Beginner)

Accounting Processes in NetForum

In this session, we’ll cover key processes in the accounting module, from deferred revenue to installment billing and payments. Want to know how to adjust installments? Come to this session! (Intermediate)

10 things you can do with toolkit in 10 min–Part 1

Part 1
Are you a NetForum power user but not super technical? Want to know more about basic Toolkit features? Then, this session is for you. We’ll cover 5 basic scenarios that leverage the Toolkit to make simple changes in NetForum. (Beginner)

10 things you can do with toolkit in 10 min–Part 2

Part 2
Are you a regular user of the NetForum toolkit? In this session, we’ll cover 5 advanced scenarios that leverage the Toolkit to make complex changes in NetForum. (Advanced)

Ideas Portal: Where Customer Ideas Come to Life

The Ideas Portal is where customer ideas come to life! During this session, we will:

  • Discuss how the Ideas Portal has transformed the Roadmap
  • Review/demo key Ideas Portal features
  • Present the first annual Ideas Portal awards!

You must be present to win one of the awards – they’re going to be good, so you won’t want to miss this session! (Beginner)

Ask us anything

Do you have questions? We have answers! NetForum experts from R&D, Product, Support, Upgrades and Client Services will be on hand and ready to provide information and insights about anything NetForum related. (Beginner)

Everything Email

Are you struggling with getting your emails into inboxes? During this session we’ll talk about how to overcome that challenge! Topics covered will include everything from templates to SMTP servers and DKIM/DMARC. (Intermediate)

PM Poker

Join thought leaders from across the industry as we go ALL IN for the return of the wildly popular PM POKER. At the table we will have vendors and customer “experts” in a high stakes game to solve the biggest issues in your NetForum environment. From upgrades, vendor integrations and email deliverability, nothing will be off limits in this wild game of knowledge. (Beginner)

Case Study: Low Code Certification Workflow Automation

Managing all aspects of Certification using multiple vendors with a streamlined workflow just got easier. Push course registrant notifications to your LMS, record course completion in NetForum, send exam eligibility to your Exam provider, receive and record exam results, provide digital badges. We will highlight the success of this workflow automation using low code integrations with Azure Logic Apps. (Beginner)

Membership Dues Makeovers: Configurable Solutions to Simplify Your Process and Make Membership Staff Happy!

Do you have a membership category that requires significant staff time to manage dues? Perhaps your invoices need to be carefully audited for accuracy or the configuration is unwieldy and needs to be frequently tweaked or an existing custom dues calculation is outdated and no longer meets your business need, or your online renewal process is clunky for your members. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. This session will explore how several NetForum customers modified their dues structure in NetForum to streamline the renewal process and make life easier for membership staff. (Beginner)

Nimble AMS

Accounting Tips and Tricks

Join us for an insightful session that will deliver actionable takeaways and practical insights to help you navigate Accounting & Nimble AMS. This session is designed to equip you with accounting tips and tricks tailored for the unique features of Nimble AMS.

Fixing Common Accounting Errors

Everyone makes mistakes – it’s how you fix them that counts! Embark on a journey to financial clarity in this session where we’ll address the common pitfalls in accounting and equip you with effective strategies to rectify them. Our Accounting savvy team will show you how to do effectively manage refunds, adjustments, adjust batches, set payment options and more!

How your organization can get started with Experience Cloud Community Hub today!

Join us for insight on navigating the journey from your current Community Hub to Experience Cloud Community Hub. Learn how to translate your functionality from it’s current state into the new Experience Cloud Community Hub with the Hybrid strategy. Our team will help you compare forms and flows between the two models while also highlighting how the hybrid model can give you the best of both worlds.

Decrease your staff clicks!

In an era where efficiency is the key to organizational success, join us for this session that will unravel the secrets to boosting staff efficiency through innovative solutions. From automation to lightning actions, this session is designed to equip you with practical strategies and insights to propel your team’s productivity to new heights. During this session the Nimble AMS Team will share a variety of ways to increase staff efficiency, optimize workflow and fast track your order processing using tools such as lightning actions, focused forms, dynamic forms, lightning page design and more!

A Nimble AMS App Builder’s Dream Toolbox

Join us for an insightful and interactive session that goes beyond the basics, providing admins with the tools and awareness they need to lead their organizations confidently into a future of enhanced productivity and efficiency. Join us as we unveil the latest features and advanced functionalities within Nimble AMS, equipping admins with the knowledge and tools they need to unlock the potential of the Nimble AMS platform.

Mastering Integrations: Unlocking the Power of Connected Systems with Nimble AMS

Navigate the intricacies of integrations and single-sign-ons and explore how Nimble AMS integrates with various technologies to help you create a unified ecosystem to empower your association with efficiency and innovation. Get insight on what resources are available, what approaches work best and learn about best practices. Our team will highlight a few of the more common integrations used by our customers, including integrations with other Community Brands products.

Nimble Intelligence: Powering Your Association Tech Evolution with AI / Predictive Analytics

Analytics, AI, Prediction Builder – it’s all the buzz, but what does it all mean? Join us as we unravel the complexities surrounding analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide you with a clear understanding of the potential impact to the success of your association. Learn about our new Nimble Intelligence offering and the Salesforce CRM Analytics, AI and Prediction Builders tools, including a chance to see Dashboards and prediction builders in action.

Where does my Data Live in Nimble AMS?

Join us for a dynamic exploration of data and reporting for organizations looking to navigate the data landscape with confidence. In this session we’ll demystify the world of data and reporting showcasing the latest tools and strategies to empower your association to harness the full potential of your data. In this session you’ll learn where to find key data points in Nimble AMS and how to use that data in effective and compelling reports. This session promises to provide valuable insights, practical strategies, and a glimpse into the future of data and reporting.

Data Driven Advocacy: Leveraging Nimble AMS to Mine and refine the Gold in your Network

Advocacy is about influencing policymakers’ decisions. But it’s hard to correlate advocacy tactics to influence. In 2023, the National Apartment Association Government Affairs Division put Nimble AMS at the center of its new data-driven approach to enhance the influence of its network of advocacy champions has on policymakers’ decisions. This session will showcase how NAA uses Nimble to identify perspective advocacy champions, facilitate their progress and transform them into sophisticated advocacy champions.

Strategies for Successful Community Building

Creating and fostering connections among members is critical to the future of associations. Join us for a thought-provoking session on strategies and best practices for starting, growing, nurturing and maintaining an online community. We’ll highlight digital strategies that you can leverage to grow your membership, personalize the member experience, and connect members with one another using Nimble Communities.

Managing Events in Nimble AMS and Beyond!

Join us for this session to learn how to enhance your approach to event planning, incorporating technology-driven solutions that enhance efficiency, elevate experiences, and ensure the success of your future events. Learn how to take advantage of new features and functionality and explore beyond Nimble AMS and learn what Community Brands can offer to take your events to the next level.

Elevate your member’s experience with Experience Cloud Community Hub

Dive into the new Experience Cloud Community Hub to learn how to enhance the online experience for your members. See how other Associations are using the power of the Experience Cloud platform and learn how you can prepare for this transition.

Driving Member Engagement & Retention by Deeper Connections with Your Members

Join us for a dynamic session that promises to empower you with actionable insights, proven strategies, and the technological know-how to build enduring connections with your members. Elevate your organization’s membership experience, foster loyalty, and set the stage for sustained growth. In this session you’ll gain valuable insight into how Nimble Intelligence and other Nimble AMS & Salesforce tools can help you elevate your member engagement and retention strategies.

Driving Non-Dues Revenue in Nimble AMS and Beyond

Embark on a revenue-boosting journey in this session that will explore a variety of ways to diversify revenue streams beyond membership dues. Learn about areas of Nimble AMS such as Donations, Certifications & Programs, that can help to boost your non-dues revenue. The Nimble AMS team will demonstrate how to combine analytics, dashboards and AI driven predictions to empower you with the tools and knowledge needed to bolster your fundraising efforts to drive non-dues revenue. We’ll also showcase some of our sister brands such as Careers and GiveSmart that can also have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Riding the Salesforce Wave: Your Guide to Navigating Salesforce Changes & Enhancements

It can be a challenge to keep up with the changing technology landscape – we can help! Join us to gain an understanding of the upcoming changes Salesforce has planned. Learn how they will impact your Nimble AMS org and what you need to do to prepare.


A Course Lifecycle Journey – Repurposing Best Practices to Get More Out of Your Education Content

Oftentimes continuing education professionals and speakers spend valuable time creating engaging programming only for it to be presented a single time and then forgotten. Doing more with the content you are already producing allows you to not only meet learner preferences for varied mediums, but also generate more revenue from your courses. In this session we will follow the journey of one course from original presentation through all the possible options for repurposing including webcasting, rebroadcasting and offering various on-demand packages. We will also review how Freestone Learning Management system makes stretching your content a breeze with our tools and support. (Beginner)

Launching and Sustaining an On-Demand Learning Library

For those looking to launch an on-demand content library or expand their current continuing education offerings, there are many questions to consider. What content should I include? How do I keep that content relevant? How do I attract people to this programming year-round? In this session we will discuss best practices for launching and maintaining a robust on-demand catalog, tips for creating impactful on-demand courses and ideas for promoting your content. Whether you are just getting started with on-demand offerings or looking for tactics to make your current courses stand out, this session will give you actionable strategies to take back to your organization. (Beginner)

Efficient Continuing Education Management for Staffs of All Sizes

Whether you are an association with a staff of one or a larger organization, being able to efficiently deliver continuing education to your members is crucial for revenue generation and learner engagement. From course creation to credit management your LMS should provide tools empowering you with the gift of time back in your day. In this session we will review key Freestone Learning Management System features that save staff precious hours and promote frictionless content production. (Intermediate)

Leveraging Member Experience Trends to Meet Learner Needs and Generate More Revenue

According to Community Brands research, members rank continuing education and training offerings as one of the highest value engagement opportunities an association provides. While competition remains stiff, members are more engaged with their associations than ever, so now is the time to refine and expand your offerings to cement yourself as a go-to source for education. In this session we will review key trends from Community Brands research and discuss how to leverage these insights to create an enhanced learner experience while generating additional revenue for your organization. (Beginner)


Unlocking Event Success: Navigating Event Mobile Apps

Discover the power of event mobile apps in unlocking event success. Explore how these tools revolutionize attendee experiences, streamline communication, and maximize sponsorship opportunities. Whether you’re an organizer or part of an association, join us to harness the full potential of mobile technology for unparalleled event outcomes. (Intermediate)

Exploiting Event Registration, Pre-show & Onsite

Maximize the benefits of event registration by exploring our offerings and receiving guidance on setting up registration effectively. Gather valuable insights from attendees by asking pertinent marketing and demographic questions to understand their event preferences. Enhance attendee experience by providing comprehensive details on products and speakers, enabling them to make informed session selections. Utilize the Attendee Portal to empower attendees to self-manage their requirements, including the ability to send post-event receipts. (Intermediate)

Onsite Event Solutions Best Practices & Tips

This session will focus on the advancements and best practices in onsite badging, session tracking, and lead retrieval technologies. Participants will explore how these tools enhance attendee experiences, streamline event logistics, and maximize ROI for both organizers and exhibitors. Through real-world examples and expert insights, attendees will gain valuable knowledge on selecting, implementing, and optimizing these critical event technologies. (Intermediate)

End to End Conference Solutions

Unlock the full potential of event management with this comprehensive session showcasing registration, conference management, badge printing, session tracking, and mobile apps. Join us as we guide you through a hands-on demonstration, illustrating how to leverage these tools cohesively to elevate your event experience. Explore the strategic integration points that ensure a streamlined and efficient workflow, empowering you to seamlessly orchestrate every aspect of your event from start to finish. (Intermediate)

ExpoLogic – Hands On Equipment Training

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll get firsthand experience working with onsite registration equipment used for badge[on]demand, Express Pass, EventReg, TrackPod, Lead Retrieval and more. Gain valuable experience setting up, using & troubleshooting equipment to be prepared to support your events more efficiently in the future. (Intermediate)

Strategies for Success: Submission & Review Best Practices

Join us as we explore the best practices that lead to a successful call for submissions and review process! Discover the power of centralized data collection, seamless accommodation of various submission types and how robust business rules can provide efficiency and accuracy. We’ll explore methods to reduce bias in the review process, facilitate transparent sharing of results and feedback, ultimately fostering an environment for easy and informed decision-making throughout the submission and review lifecycle. (Intermediate)

Proven Tips for Effective Session and Speaker Management

Discover practical tips and tricks to streamline your session and speaker management process. Learn how to engage stakeholders using centralized communication and the delegation of tasks in a role-based system, tackling everything from collecting speaker bios and forms to effectively resolving session conflicts. Dive into proven methods for establishing a reliable and proactive communication channel with speakers, underscoring the importance of timelines and deadlines. (Intermediate)


Become the #1 Career Destination For Your Members

In an uncertain world, provide members with certainty when it comes to their careers. This session will share all the ways YM Careers can help you to transform your job board into a true career destination with career development resources your members expect. (Beginner)

Make Your Career Center a Revenue Engine for Your Organization

Learn more about the dynamic, world-class sales engine that drives revenue through the YM Careers platform. Join Mark McGuire, VP Sales, to learn about the strategies used to ensure we are maximizing the revenue that the Career Center delivers to your organization. (Beginner)

YM Careers Delivers the Career Resources Your Members are Begging For

According to the Community Brands Association Trends Study, almost half of your members are looking to their association to provide career resources and job opportunities. Are you delivering what they’re asking for? Join Gina Durso, Director of Marketing at YM Careers, to learn the tried-and-true best practices of marketing your career center as THE Career Destination for your members, while increasing traffic and engagement. (Beginner)

Training: An In-depth Dive into YM Careers Admin Module

YM Careers’ Administrative module provides a host of data, tools, and resources that can be used to drive revenue and engagement on your Career Center. This session will take you through this dynamic resource to help you build a plan for success. (Beginner)


Groups + Committee Management

Don’t let your boards and committees slip away and lose interest! Learn how to create a sub community tailored to them that will be engaging and inspire them to get involved. During this session, you’ll explore techniques for using group setup options effectively and best practices to empower your members to take the lead. (Beginner) 

Membership Made Simple

Are you ready to take your membership structure knowledge to the next level? In this session, we’ll review how to get the most out of your membership structures, how to increase revenue with auto-renewals, and save time with imports. And, as a bonus, we’ll review how you can transfer that knowledge to your online community. (Beginner)

Membership Data: Getting the Reporting Edge

Join us as we dive into the transformative potential of your organization’s data. As an association professional, you hold the key to capturing data for strategic decision-making that drives results both big and small. Discover how to harness your membership data to paint a vivid picture for stakeholders, showcasing the health of your membership retention, recruitment, engagement, and revenue streams. Learn how data-driven insights can drive member engagement, boost revenue streams, and propel your mission forward. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize the way you approach data and reveal the full potential of your association’s impact! (Advanced)

Boosting Member Retention and Engaging Members in Your Online Community

Are you ready to take your membership structure knowledge to the next level? In this session, we’ll review how to get the most out of your membership structures, how to increase revenue with auto-renewals, and save time with imports. And, as a bonus, we’ll review how you can transfer that knowledge to your online community. (Beginner)

Creating Organizational/Affiliate Memberships

Are you struggling to manage membership data? Join YourMembership’s session on master/sub-account creation. Discover how to create member types for master/sub-account relationships, saving time and boosting efficiency. Benefit from improved reporting, more targeted communication, and greater control of your members. Walk away with a solid understanding of the best way to organize your members, resulting in better member engagement and organizational effectiveness. (Beginner)

Event Management 101

Events and conferences have taken center stage once again as in-person events have become the norm. As the largest source of non-dues revenue, events and conferences are a lifeline for most associations. When executed effectively, these gatherings drive member growth and make members feel valued. But here’s the secret: the key to a successful event lies in its set-up and management. That’s where we come in. We’ll share the best tips for getting your event off the ground smoothly and keeping it running like a well-oiled machine. By nailing the setup and management, you’ll not only attract attendees but also ensure you can kick back and enjoy the event yourself. Let’s dive into these strategies together, so you can host events that everyone loves attending, including you! (Beginner)

Take Your Events to the Next Level

At most association industry events, whether they’re large conferences or small meetings, the challenge lies in maximizing the time and experience of attendees. Events are key for attendees to connect to top experts, rub shoulders with their professional network, and gather valuable insights to leverage in their career. During most association industry events-large conferences or small meetings, the problem is always maximizing time and experience of attendees. Leveraging your event module successfully to engage members and provide them a place to share ideas, attendees have just a few days to gain access to top experts, rub shoulders with hundreds or even thousands of like-minded professionals, and fill their mobile phones with large amounts of new contacts and notes for growing their business or career. Then, with tickets, various attendee types and promo codes, one of the greatest mistakes you can make when providing an event module is waiting until the event is over to try and figure out if your module setup was successful or not. Instead, prior to launch, you should take the time to consider what success will look like for your module. During this session, we will share the best practices for your events module and get your organization on the right path to success. (Intermediate)

Email Best Practices for Small-Staff Associations

You’ve got mail! But that doesn’t mean you’re going to open it. How can you be sure your members will? In this session, we’ll review email marketing tips as you communicate directly with your members. YM experts will review best practices like how to best personalize and tailor your message to specific groups, sending over an engaging message, and ensuring that the messages are delivering successfully to your members so that none of your precious time is wasted. (Beginner)

How to Know when to Use Email, Texting and/or Social Media

With all the different ways to communicate to members, how do you choose which one to use and when? What is the best way to communicate to members? Dive into the most effective member communications and explore the power of different channels – email, texting and social media. Determine when to use each medium to maximize member engagement and create stronger connections. Learn helpful tips so that you will no longer be asking yourself which type of message to send and when. (Beginner)

Drag & Drop Editor

Design a website that will turn nonmembers into members and keep your members coming back for more. Using YM’s new Drag and Drop editor, learn how simple and intuitive it is for any staff member to make an update or create a visually stunning website without coding. Understand how to effectively organize your website site content using our new Drag & Drop Editor. Join us to start personalizing your website today and leave with tips and tricks that will make using the tool much easier. From customizing layouts to optimizing for mobile, we’ll cover essential tips and tricks to elevate your web design game. (Intermediate)

Design 101 Bootcamp: Improve your Website Design

Did you know the average attention span is just 8 seconds? Is your website designed to attract and keep your members’ attention for longer than that? Digital representation is more important than ever for your business and your brand. 75% of people judge the credibility of a business based on the design of its website. Learn how to make your website stand out in the crowd. Discover how you can provide members with a better user experience, while building your brand online in YourMembership AMS. (Beginner)

No more time for the yellow pages: Membership Directories

Membership directories serve as invaluable assets for organizations by fostering engagement, connectivity, and revenue generation. Beyond providing a platform for members to connect and collaborate, directories offer significant revenue-driving opportunities. By strategically leveraging advertising space, organizations can capitalize on their directories to generate additional income streams. Moreover, membership directories offer insights into member demographics and engagement patterns, empowering organizations to make informed decisions and tailor their offerings to meet member needs effectively. By maximizing the potential of membership directories, associations and nonprofits can not only enhance member satisfaction and connectivity but also ensure long-term financial sustainability and organizational growth. (Beginner)

Managing your Professional Development in YM AMS

Increase the value of your membership offering with educational programs for your members. In this session, learn how to implement Continuing Education Units and Credits to increase member participation. (Intermediate)

Accounting Essentials for YM AMS

Accounting may seem boring, but it is crucial for your success. Learn how to get the accounting data you need to present to your board. Our YM experts will show you how to pull essential reports from your transactions and invoices, and how you can easily integrate your accounting system with QuickBooks. (Beginner)

Becoming a YM Pro – Did you know?

Are you ready to unveil the full potential of YourMembership AMS? Join our exclusive workshop to discover all the valuable tools, tips, and tricks to simplify your daily tasks and navigate YM with ease. This collaborative session will explore essential features, share best practices, and lighten your workload, allowing you to focus on what matters: advancing your mission. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a true YM expert! (Beginner)

Thought Leadership

Engage, Score, Soar: Elevating Association Engagement Strategies

Get ready to revolutionize your association’s engagement strategy. Dive into the world of engagement scoring and learn how to track and boost member engagement like never before. Discover scoring models, case studies, and best practices. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, this session will show you how to measure engagement and advance your mission.

Show me the data!

Dive into the depths of association data in this dynamic session! Discover how selecting the right tools, establishing robust governance, and mastering change management can create ripples of accessibility across your organization. Whether you’re a data novice or expert, join us to learn how to ride the waves of information and unlock valuable insights for your association’s success!

Generative AI: Going from Experimentation to Deployment

In this enlightening session, dive into the transformative journey of Generative AI, tracing its evolution from experimental stages to real-world deployment. Uncover the recent milestones that have shaped this technology, setting the stage for a future powered by AI. Discover practical, innovative applications of Generative AI that associations can leverage today to enhance engagement, streamline operations, and drive member value. From content creation to personalized communication and beyond, learn how this cutting-edge technology is not just a glimpse into the future, but a toolkit available now for forward-thinking organizations. Join us to explore how embracing Generative AI can revolutionize the way associations connect, operate, and grow.

Ethics and Governance in AI: Bias, Privacy, Policy, Change

Dive into the nuanced realm of AI ethics and governance in our engaging session focused on cultivating fairness, safeguarding privacy, shaping policy, and managing transformative change. Join industry leaders and experts to explore strategies for detecting and addressing bias in AI associations, preserving user trust through stringent privacy measures, and navigating the intricate landscape of policy generation and implementation within AI frameworks. Discover how effective change management practices can strengthen organizational resilience and foster positive associations with AI technologies. Gain actionable insights to promote ethical AI associations, uphold privacy standards, and navigate policy complexities while embracing organizational change for AI integration. This session is your gateway to shaping responsible AI associations and fostering a culture of innovation, transparency, and trustworthiness within your organization and beyond.

Navigating AI Adoption: Strategies for Organizations

Join our session focused on guiding organizations through the process of AI adoption with strategic considerations and best practices. Learn about decision-making between self-hosted models and public services, managing data privacy concerns, and implementing strategies to mitigate bias in AI systems. Gain insights into incorporating AI into products effectively, empowering customers to adopt AI without technical expertise, and embedding AI within your brand philosophy. Discover hands-on examples, tools, and community-driven approaches to roll out AI initiatives successfully while building trust with stakeholders. This session equips attendees with actionable strategies to navigate the complexities of AI adoption and leverage its transformative potential for organizational success.